jacky efendi

Software Engineer -- JavaScript and all things web

Hi, I am Jacky πŸ‘‹

What I do

I work with web stuffs 🌐

I mainly work with JavaScript and all things related to the web ecosystem. Currently, I am working at Tokopedia in the web platform team.

I write (kinda) πŸ—’

I have always been a curious person. I love to learn things and understand how they work. Sometimes if I find the discovery interesting, I try to write an article about them to share them!

The Case for pnpm Over npm or Yarn
Building 60 FPS QR Scanner for the Mobile Web
Writing Your Own Changelog Generator with Git
WebAssembly β€” Is It As Scary As It Sounds?
Achieving 90+ Mobile Web Performance at Tokopedia
React Hooks: Why We should Embrace it

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I build stuffs πŸ› 

Sometimes I am motivated to build stuffs. Some are just for fun and learning, some are actually kind of helpful. A lot are abandoned because I got sidetracked (don’t we all? πŸ˜…). I published them as open source projects on GitHub. I also contribute to open source libraries when I could.


Easily fetch json data in your React components, similar APIs to react-apollo, with Suspense SSR πŸŽ‰



calculate bundle size of your next project!



GitHub action that allows you to easily run bundlewatch in your repository πŸ“¦



The rust QR decoder library `rqrr`; compiled to WebAssembly.



Wrapper around source-map-explorer that works with remote URLs and chrome code coverage