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Teachers’ Struggles

A lot of people know that teaching is hard, but only a few really know how hard it is. These are some of the things that I faced while being a teacher.

1. “Sir, can you repeat that?”

This almost always happens, especially in bigger classroom where you got more than 15 students. When you are done explaining about something to the students, and some of them understood it, you finally think, “Yes, I did it, they understood!”. That is, until one of the other students say this line, and you realizes that they haven’t been listening all along.

2. Students that forgot REALLY easily

“Guys, 1 plus 1 equals 2, alright? Okay, so what does 1 plus one equal to?”

“I don’t know sir!”

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little bit on this one. But there are some students who seem to just forget everything that we said to them, in like, 5 seconds.

3. Having to deal with parents

This is probably on the worst struggles of being a teacher, if not the worst. Parents nowadays just send their kids to school or tuition and expect them to be smart instantly. Parents usually do not realize that their own child’s desire to study is still the number 1 factor to how well they will perform academically. While teachers do have the responsibilities to help students study and to some extent, make them interested to the lessons, at the end it is up to the students themselves.

4. Fearing that the students might fail

Nobody likes living in fear. What’s worse is, this fear is totally out of your control! You might have been a good teacher, but if the students suddenly forget about all the lessons, they will still fail!

But, having this fear is a good thing. It’s a sign that you care about your students and feel responsible for their academic progress. Some teachers lost their passion in teaching and teach their students like they don’t care at all. They don’t care if the students fail, as long as they get paid.

5. Not all students will like you

This stands true in every aspects of life, though. There will always be someone that do not like you. There will always be haters.

But being a teacher, it’s tougher. Even if they don’t like you, you still have to meet them every other day. You still teach them, after all. This can lead to bad classroom atmosphere, the student failing, and other things. The most important thing as a teacher is you may not have bad feelings toward them. You don’t hate them just because they don’t like you. You have to always be the one with bigger heart, and make things right by asking them what’s wrong and getting things straight.

6. You have to have good personality

A teacher usually have to be a role model for their students. Because of that, being morally good is a must! You are holding (or at least molding) the future of the next generations! It is a very important task. Remember, being a teacher doesn’t only mean you are only teaching them academically, but you also have to teach them about how to behave, about integrity, and being a good Samaritan.

Well, those are some of the struggles that teachers face. Do you want to be a teacher? Did this post encourage you even more to be a teacher, or did it do the opposite? Sound off in the comment!

For fellow teachers, what are your struggles while being a teacher? Share them here!

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