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What If: There is a New Way to Voice Your Aspiration?

Quite a title this post has.

2 weeks ago, there was an event in the city I am living in, about technology, smart city, and those kind of geeky stuffs, it was held at my campus. The event consists of a seminar and a workshop. It mainly introduces the participants about Microsoft Cloud platform, which is Azure. The workshop was basically the same. The participants were taught to deploy their website to the cloud.

At the end of the event, they announced a competition. Participants may create any software, as long as they utilize Azure in some way. So I decided to start building an Android app which I called, YourVote.

If you are an Indonesian, you can read about it more here. If you are not though, I’ll explain it briefly in this post.


For many decades, the problem of having the people’s aspirations heard has always been around. We have the government, which the people hoped could be the guys to help their voices be heard. But in reality, the government is mostly corrupt. Lost are the people with high integrity and radical honesty that would serve the people in the society. Seeing as their aspirations are not being heard, the people usually start a protest. This is also a very bad thing. The people who took part in the protest could have used their time more efficiently in other work that would have netted a real benefit! Protest usually don’t have any real benefit, unless it is a really big cause. So, more protest = less productivity.

That is why we created YourVote. An app for the people to voice their aspirations effortlessly. They can also vote on others’ aspirations if they agree with those aspirations. This help the authority figures to see what the people really want, and make a decision based on it.

“Changes start with YourVote!”, that’s a pretty good slogan, don’t you think?

You can watch the video below, most of the texts are in Indonesian, but there are some English thrown into the video as well.

What do you think about the idea? Any comments will be really appreciated 🙂

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