Born in January 1996. A young Christian aspiring to become an inspiration. I am very fond of technology and English language. I am also a fan of using technology to achieve something meaningful. My hobbies include basketball and playing music (both vocally and instrumentally).

This blog serves as a tool to help me primarily on my English learning. It also serves as a place where I can write down the random thoughts that come to my mind as I walk through my life journey. There will be rants, there will be posts about things that I find interesting, there might also be random posts, so bear with me!

I am not going to write specifically in English, because sometimes there are just posts that would be better to be written in Bahasa Indonesia. So, this blog will be bilingual. You can use the ‘category’ menu above to help you find the posts you want though.

I am an aspiring web-developer, and currently trying to learn as much as I can before I graduate in October 2017, as to prepare myself for my future career! If you have any tech-related topics that might be interesting and useful for me to share about, let me know and maybe I’ll look into it. After all, it’s going to be helpful for me as well, right? 🙂

Since I am doing FreeCodeCamp courses, some of my projects are available at my CodePen.

I guess that’s it about this blog. I hope you find my writing entertaining to read, interesting, or maybe even useful (doubt it, though).